CF30%, Flame retardant

Property Test Condition Test Methhod ISO Units Short carbon fiber reinforced P
GF30%, Flame retardant
Physial property
Glass Fiber contents     wt% 30
Water Absorption 230Cx50%RH in water   % -
Density 230C ISO1183 kg/m3 1460
Mechanical property
Tensile strength 230C ISO527-1,2 MPa 236
Elongation at Break 230C ISO527-1,2 % 1.4
Flexural Strength 230C ISO178 MPa 342
Flexural Modulus 230C ISO178 GPa 27.8
Coefficient of friction Vs S45C, 1MPa, 0,33m/s Suzuki Method - 0.29
Coefficient of friction Vs SUS, 1MPa, 0,33m/s Suzuki Method - 0.08
Amount of wear Vs S45C, 1MPa, 0,33m/s Suzuki Method mg/h 0.3
Amount of wear Vs SUS, 1MPa, 0,33m/s Suzuki Method mg/h 0.1
Limit of PV Vs S45C Suzuki Method MPa.m/s 1.4
Limit of PV Vs SUS Suzuki Method MPa.m/s 1.5
Charpy Impact Strength (V-notched) 230C ISO179 kj/m2 5.8
Heat property
Melting Point   DSC Method 0C 278
Coef of Linear Thermal Expansion   ISO11359-2 x10-5/C 1.5
Heat Deffection Temp High Load 1.80MPa ISO75-1,2 0C 260
Flammability   UL94 rank/thickness m mt V-0
Electrical property
Volume Resistivity   IEC60093 &Omega.m 101
Molding property
Mold shrinkage MD 80x80x3mmt Toray method % 0.1
Mold shrinkage TD 80x80x3mmt Toray method % 0.5

a) MD; Machine direction, TD; Transverse direction


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